No Better Time Than Now!

2010 came and you cam into the realization that most of the promises you made to yourself was not fulfilled? did you promise to eat more healthy foods, exercise and be active more often, reach that managerial position or just to fit into your favorite dress?

For me, I've been struggling with my weight for more than 20 years now. I've been to the gym twice in my life but it seems like something always happens that I have to stop my gym memberships (I stopped going to the gym after college graduation because we have to move to the province and the second time I was employed where I was assigned on  graveyard shift).  I don't even want to talk about how it affects my self-esteem and now my health. I get tired easily, my hormones are erratic resulting to crazy cravings that I cannot control and now my right foot hurts for standing for just 45 minutes. Last time I weigh myself I was 180 lbs. I'm only5'1''.

You might be wondering why am I blogging about this? I believe that more than exercise and diet, what I need is motivation. If I blog my progress from now on, it may help me to stay focused. For people who may read my blog, I hope it may inspire them as well. Comments from others may give additional information and encouragement not just for me but to others who are still struggling with their weight. 

I do encourage comments and suggestions on how to make this blog better or anything about the posts here. I usually go to the blog of the person who commented on my blog posts and leave a comment on their blog as well. I just hope you don't sell me those expensive weight loss products. I am determined to lose this weight the right way so that it doesn't come back. Comments will be very much appreciated.

I will also blog about health facts about losing weight that I have recently read or known about. The more information we have, the better. I fyou are struggling just like me I hope we could be friends through this blog and support each other in reaching our ideal waist line, the healthy way!